Amplifying Voices: PCW Partners with EU Delegation to Egypt

Client: EBS: European Union Delegation to Egypt Account

Services: Content creation (social media posts, video scripts)

Fields: Women’s empowerment, sustainability, youth, climate change, migration, human rights, culture, education, Mediterranean cooperation, health, technology, etc.

Content: Social Media

Languages: English, Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic

Challenge: Effectively communicate the EU Delegation’s diverse social initiatives across various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to engage Egyptian audiences on crucial topics and EU social updates.

Solution: PCW’s team of content specialists highlighted their expertise in:

  • Social media trends and engagement: Crafting impactful and engaging posts.
  • Multilingual communication: Delivering clear and nuanced messages in both English and Arabic.
  • Reaching hearts and minds:
  • Developed over 350 social media posts: Insightful and Engaging social media content.
  • Crafting video scripts: Delivered powerful messages by EU representatives in both languages.
  • Covering  18+ crucial fields

The Impact:

  • High audience engagement: Exceeded client expectations with positive audience reception.
  • Increased awareness: Amplified the EU Delegation’s voice on critical social issues.
  • Multilingual outreach: Connected with diverse audiences in Egypt through impactful content.

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