Boosting E-commerce Sales: PCW Writing and Transcreating Spinneys Electronics Section

Services: Content creation, Transcreation 

Content: Electronics


  • Large-scale project: Managing and creating compelling descriptions for nearly 1,000 diverse electronics products.
  • Multilingual audience: Adapting descriptions to resonate with both English and Arabic-speaking audiences, considering cultural nuances.
  • SEO optimization: Ensuring descriptions improve product visibility in online searches.


  • Systematic approach: Developed a streamlined process for sourcing product information, analyzing target audience needs, and crafting descriptions that highlighted key features, benefits, and specifications.
  • Culturally informed language: Adapted descriptions to cater to the preferences and buying habits of both English and Arabic-speaking Egyptian consumers.
  • Keyword optimization: Integrated relevant keywords naturally throughout descriptions to enhance search engine ranking.


  • Increased engagement: Enhanced product pages with informative and engaging descriptions, potentially leading to improved click-through rates and conversions.
  • Multilingual accessibility: Made Spinneys’ electronics offerings more accessible to a wider audience in Egypt.

Improved SEO: Potentially contributed to better online visibility for electronics products on Spinneys’ website.

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