Fit & Fix: Revving Up Knowledge & Conversions with PCW

Client: Nile Projects & Trading Co. (Fit & Fix)

Services: Content creation, Transcreation, Editing

Field: Automotive

Content: E-commerce

Languages: Arabic, English

Challenge: Transform Fit & Fix, Egypt’s trusted auto service center, into a comprehensive online knowledge hub for car enthusiasts.

Solution: PCW assembled a team of experts with:

  • Extensive content experience: Crafting engaging and informative content.
  • Bilingual skills: Seamlessly transcreating content between Arabic and English.
  • SEO & transcreation knowledge: Creating descriptions that resonate with both languages and search engines.


  • Crafted SEO-friendly product descriptions: For international brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, and Firestone, ensuring visibility and clarity for users.
  • Established a consistent & unique voice: Aligned with Fit & Fix’s brand while engaging the target audience.
  • Maintained an informative & engaging tone: Respecting cultural nuances and preferences.
  • Increase in organic traffic: Reaching a wider audience of car enthusiasts.
  • Rise in conversion rates: Turning website visitors into customers.

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